Welcome to Far East Group

Founded in 1967 as one of the pioneers in the refrigeration and air-conditioning business in Malaysia. Far East Malaysia is a comprehensive provider of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and products in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry. Our management believe that we are one of the leading distributors of commercial and light industrial refrigeration systems and products in Malaysia.

Far East Malaysia has a broad customer base of more than 1,000 active customers, including distributors, dealers as well as refrigeration and air-conditioning contractors who use our products and services to provide comprehensive refrigeration and air-conditioning systems to end users, such as supermarkets, cold store distribution centers, food processing and catering facilities, hotels, hospitals, food and beverage establishments, convenient stores, petrol stations, marine vessels, oil rigs and barges.

Far East Malaysia is a subsidiary of Far East Group Limited, headquartered in Singapore. Our Group has subsidiaries in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Myanmar. We also have approximately 20 distributors and dealers in countries including Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

Far East Malaysia distributes our in-house "Eden" brand of heat exchangers, condensing units, and agency products. In particular, our products are widely recognized and used by well-known international and regional retail chains such as Tesco, Giant, Cold Storage, and AEON.